Phase Three: Big, Green and Plastic_Photos

Art Attack in the Spreebogenpark, near the Central Station of Berlin. The piece is meant to criticise the decorative use of Green in the urban landscape. It acts as treshold between the city and a well formed patch of urban green.

Done in the Summer Semester 2011, for TU Berlin, Bildende Kunst.

Anastasia Pnevmatikou
Theoklitos Triantafyllidis

Phase Three: Big, Green and Plastic_Video

Phase Two: Green Attack_Presentation

Phase Two: Green Attack_Concept Sketches

Unknown Creature from the Haunted Black Lagoon

man-eating plants in b-movie history

Phase One: Celebrity Take Down

The Spot: Spreebogen Park near Berlin Hbf

photo credits for the aerial shot: Robert Grahn_Berliner Morgenpost

Mixed Salad

a visual experiment, exploring the plastic qualities of urban green